Professor Benjamin Treadwell’s Endorsement

I have read Jeremy Stone’s article “Concentrate Your Carbs!” proposing the widespread adoption of the concept of Carbohydrate-Concentration (CC) Diets in which dieters restrict their consumption of high-glycemic carbohydrates to a single daily meal while avoiding such foods in any other supplementary daily meals.

Such diets are designed to maintain a low blood level of insulin for extended daily windows of time. They are based on two decades of practical experience of the popular Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet (CAD) and on supporting evidence of history and physiology.

But most important, they are backed up, as the paper ingeniously shows, by close relations to the eight decades of amazingly successful research by the scientific community into caloric restriction (CR) and Intermittent Fasting (IF) on many species, including a 20-year experiment on primates.

In sum, this seminal and synergistic analysis shows that there is a unique way to combine human practicality with hard-won wholly-persuasive scientific knowledge on diet.

If this mountain of evidence, coming from so many points of view, is correct—and I have no doubt it is—the CC diet should help most dieters reduce not only their weight but also the risks of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

I believe that the CC Diet program integrates in a very persuasive way the evidence in hand. It provides a diet that can win wide and permanent support. Moreover, the flexibility and variety provided for in CC Diet programs should make it adoptable by a wide range of the public. Importantly, the recommended diet comes with the related recommendation that the dieter’s physician review how best this diet can be adjusted to the requirements of his or her medical condition.

Unfortunately, without the blessings of scientific and medical organizations, a diet of this kind will not receive the needed permanent institutional reinforcement it requires to maintain the public’s attention and the impetus to its adoption.

Accordingly, Catalytic Longevity proposes to seek supportive endorsements from both individual scientists and physicians and their organizations.

I have decided to throw my support into this campaign for a simple reason. The cost of health care in this country has reached astronomical and unsupportable levels. The epidemic of obesity, with so many attendant degenerative disease, promises to exacerbate the problem into even more hopeless dimensions.

Accordingly, I have agreed to chair an Advisory Committee on Carbohydrate Controlled Diets of diverse and relevant experts who share this point of view. If you are interested in helping in this campaign, by providing a supportive endorsement, by joining the Advisory Committee, or by working to persuade an institution of which you are a member to pass a suitable supportive resolution, write to Jeremy Stone.

Dr. Benjamin Treadwell
Retired Harvard Associate Professor of Medicine
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Juvenon