Minimizing the Cancer-Promotional Activity of Cox-2 as a Central Strategy in Cancer Prevention

Recent analyses of large controlled trials evaluating daily low-dose aspirin reveal that this strategy is associated with a notable reduction in cancer mortality. There is reason to suspect that this reflects aspirin’s ability to inhibit the pro-inflammatory enzyme cox-2. This essay reviews a number of additional measures that are suspected to decrease cancer risk – including spirulina, phase 2-inductive phytochemicals, melatonin, vitamin D, soy isoflavones, vegan diets, leanness, exercise, and a low dietary omega-6/omega-3 ratio – and notes that at least a part of their protection may be afforded by a reduction in cox-2 activity. While maintaining a focus on cox-2, this article provides an overall summary of practical strategies for cancer prevention.

Published in Medical Hypotheses 2012;78(1):45-57.

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