The Catalytic Longevity Foundation is a non-profit foundation having the following purposes:

  1. accepts and holds title to intellectual property (IP) relating to Catalytic Longevity;
  2. generates income from such IP by way of licensing, selling or other dealings; and
  3. awards research grants to non-profit entities for the purpose of advancing the field of Catalytic Longevity.

The Catalytic Longevity Foundation is governed by a Council having the following membership:

Mark McCarty, Founder and Councilor

Donald Lewis, Councilor

James Polansky, Councilor

Larry Groth, Councilor and Business Manager

VG Secretaries Limited, Jersey Licensed and Registered Council Member, regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission

Councilor Biographies

Mark McCarty is both a biochemist and a nutrition expert.  He started his career as Research Director with Nutrition 21, a San Diego nutraceutical ingredient company, where he invented and helped develop several commercially successful nutraceutical ingredients.  After Nutrition 21 was sold in 1998, he co-founded NutriGuard Research, a mail-order nutritional supplements company, which he owned and managed until it was sold in 2019.  Mark is a prolific author has over 200 biomedical publications cited on MedLine.  He trained in medicine at UC San Diego School of Medicine as a Regents Scholar, but did not take his medical degree.

Donald Lewis worked briefly as a postdoctoral research fellow in microbiology, but subsequently transitioned into law.  He practiced patent law both in academia and in private practice.  He was admitted to practice law in California, England, and Australia and as a neutral with WIPO.  In 2019, he retired as a partner in Lewis Kohn and Walker, LLP, a San Diego patent firm, and is now inactive in all jurisdictions.   Don has degrees in physics (BS), biophysics (PhD), and law (JD and LLM).  He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry for his efforts in the advancement of chemistry.

James Polansky is both a chemist and a nutrition scientist.  He is an owner/ manager of Expert Chemical Analysis, a San Diego chemistry consulting firm.  He has degrees in chemistry (BS and MS) and in nutrition science (MS).

Larry Groth served in the USAFR in aerospace command and control, where he retired as a LtCol. Larry then served as a Deputy Director at the Oregon State Treasury, interacting with capital markets and overseeing debt management for the State of Oregon, with over $50 Billion in project financing and in excess of $500+ million present value cost savings for entities and projects. He retired from the Oregon State Treasury in 2019. He has a BS degree in Business Administration (with a substantial biomedical science component) and a MS degree in Systems Management.

VG Secretaries Limited is the Jersey licensed and regulated council member of the Catalytic Longevity Foundation.