Mark McCarty’s Medline Syntheses

Catalytic Longevity’s Research Director Mark F. McCarty is a biomedical theoretician and applied nutritionist who over the years has published over 240 papers in the Medline-cited biomedical literature, primarily in the journal Medical Hypotheses. Rather than conducting laboratory or clinical research, his strategy is to “mine Medline” — analyzing and synthesizing the world’s credible peer-reviewed literature, in an effort to generate practical conclusions pertinent to preserving or restoring health.

Catalytic Longevity has invited him to post some of his recent analyses on its website and, in particular, to write some less technical essays that can provide worthwhile health guidance to readers who lack formal training in medical sciences. These recent essays can be accessed by clicking the “Medline Syntheses” button above or the links below. Essays intended to be reasonably intelligible to non-specialists have their titles set in Red print.

The reports are categorized into the groups noted below. Each essay is prefaced by a brief non-technical synopsis. We welcome you to browse through these to see whether some suggestions are useful for you. These may be of particular interest to integrative physicians.

Preserving Cognitive Function/Preventing Neurodegeneration

Preventing and Controlling Cancer

Preserving/Restoring Vascular Health

Weight Control Strategies

Full-Spectrum Antioxidant Therapy — A Monograph

Low-Fat, Low-Salt, Whole-Food Vegan Diet

Miscellaneous Essays