McCarty Endorsements — A Unique Resource for Mining Medline

Over the years, McCarty has published 250 papers in journals such as Journal of Medical Hypotheses based on mining of Medline. The editor of the Journal of Medical Hypotheses, commented:

“Mark McCarty’s papers were among the highest quality, most original and most influential papers ever published by Medical Hypotheses during my editorship of the journal (2003-2010) and that of the founder Dr David Horrobin (1975-2003). It would be accurate to state that, over a time span of more than two decades, Mark McCarty was our single most-valued contributor.” Professor Bruce G Charlton

The widow of the author of the Physicians Desk Reference for Nutritional Supplements said:

“My late husband, Shelly Hendler, Ph.D., M.D., author of PDR for Nutritional Supplements, worked closely with Mark and once told me confidentially: ‘Mark and I are the only two people in the world who really understand nutritional supplements.'”

David Rorvik was Hendler’s co-editor of the PDR for Nutritional Supplements and he wrote this:

“I first met Mark McCarty many years ago while I was investigating and writing about the politics of cancer research as an Alicia Patterson Fellow. Mark, in turn, introduced me to Shelly Hendler and thus began two of the most rewarding and productive collaborations of my career as a science and medical writer. Over the years I interviewed and collaborated on writing projects with some of the most brilliant minds in science and medicine, including several Nobel Laureates. None outshone either Shelly or Mark, and when working together they were even more formidable, continually illuminating important human health issues that had long been neglected or misunderstood. Mark is a master medical sleuth whose ability to grasp and explicate some of the most difficult and significant medical issues of our time is unmatched in my experience. I can think of no one better suited to occupy a Fellowship in Shelly’s name.”

Dr. Julian Whitaker, of the famous Wellness Institute, who employed Mark as a consultant recently said this:

“I have known, worked with, and respected Mark McCarty for more than thirty years. He is indefatigable in scouring the medical literature for findings pertinent to the health benefits of nutraceuticals and optimal diet—and thanks to his deep understanding of the molecular biology that underlies health and disease, his insights tend to be especially penetrating. For several years now Mark has served as a consultant to the Whitaker Wellness Institute, and we employ many of his suggestions for patient care here at the clinic. My most recent book is based on an exercise and diet strategy he pioneered, which works better than anything else we have tried for achieving and maintaining leanness. Supporting his work is one of the most cost-effective things you could do to advance human health.”

And a former employer of Mark, Herb Boynton, said this:

“Mark McCarty worked for me at my research company, Nutrition 21, for a number of years. He is one of the brightest people I have ever met. I suspect that only our common friend, Shelly Hendler, knew as much about nutritional biochemistry. Mark is hard working, and determined to develop insights that can benefit Mankind. So supporting his work is a splendid way to help humanity.”